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  • English

Server location of game hosting:

  • Australia Sydney
  • Canada Quebec
  • France Paris
  • France Strasbourg
  • Spain Madrid
  • Germany Frankfurt
  • Russia Moscow
  • Singapore
  • Sweden Stockholm
  • United Kingdom London
  • United States CA Los Angeles
  • United States TX Dallas
  • United States NY New York
  • United States OR
  • United States NC Charlotte

Payment cycle:

1,3,6,12 months

Game servers offered by that hoster: $0.34 Ark Survival Evolved hosting at $0.34 Minecraft hosting at $0.95 7 Days To Die hosting at $0.19 Rust hosting at
  • 7 Days To Die
  • Aftershock
  • Argo
  • Alien Arena: Warriors Of Mars
  • Ark Survival Evolved
  • Arma 2: Combined Operations
  • Arma 2: Dayz Epoch 1.0.6+
  • Arma 3: Altis Life
  • Arma 3: Breaking Point
  • Arma 3: Desolation Redux
  • Arma 3: Epoch Mod
  • Arma 3: Exile Mod
  • Arma 3: Vanilla
  • Arma 3: Wasteland
  • Avorion
  • Ballistic Overkill
  • Battalion 1944
  • Black Ops 3
  • Black Ops 4
  • Blackwake
  • Broke Protocol
  • Call Of Duty 4
  • Call Of Duty World At War
  • Citadel: Forged with Fire
  • Conan Exiles
  • Counter Strike 1.6
  • Counter Strike GO
  • Counter Strike Source
  • Dark And Light
  • Day Of Infamy
  • DayZ Standalone
  • Dead By Daylight
  • Dead Matter
  • Desolate
  • Dirty Bomb
  • Dont Starve Together
  • Eco
  • Empyrion Galactic Survival
  • Escape From Tarkov
  • Factorio
  • Fallout 76
  • Farming Simulator
  • For Honor
  • Fractured Lands
  • Fragmented
  • Fracture The Flag
  • Fortnite
  • Garrys Mod
  • Goldeneye Source
  • Grav
  • GTA San Andreas Multiplayer
  • GTA V - FiveM
  • Halo Wars 2
  • Hellion
  • Hurtworld
  • Jaws Of Extinction
  • Identity
  • Insurgency
  • Insurgency SandStorm
  • Interstellar Rift
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • Killing Floor 2
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Lego Worlds
  • Life Is Rome
  • Life Is Feudal
  • MaxControl
  • Medal Of Honor Spearhead
  • Memories of Mars
  • Minecraft
  • Minecraft Pocket
  • Medieval Engineers
  • Osiris New Dawn
  • Outpost Zero
  • Pantropy
  • PixARK
  • Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
  • Police 1013
  • Post Scriptum
  • Project Cars
  • Project Cars 2
  • Reign Of Kings
  • Rend
  • Rising Storm 2 Vietnam
  • Rising World
  • ROKH
  • Rust
  • Satisfactory
  • Scrap Mechanic
  • Scum
  • Sky Noon
  • Smalland
  • Space Engineers
  • Spirit Animal Survival
  • Squad
  • Staxel
  • Stellaris
  • Starbound
  • Stationeers
  • Stone Rage
  • Survive The Nights
  • Sniper Elite 4
  • Tannenberg
  • Terraria
  • Team Fortress 2
  • The Culling
  • The Dead Linger
  • The Division
  • The Forest
  • The Isle
  • The Prison Game
  • Totally Accurate Battlegrounds
  • Unreal Tournament 1999
  • Unturned
  • Valnir Rok
  • Wreckfest
  • Wurm Unlimited
  • Ylands



At we pride ourselves on having the most dynamic gaming servers available. We are constantly improving our GUI interface and scripts to give the best hosting functionality to all of our clients. Gaming is our passion and for eight years we have provided the community with up to date game servers and dedicated servers.

We have every hour of the day covered. Welcome to the highest rated support. We want you playing your games not waiting to play your games.

Our game servers come with game switching, so if you get bored of a particular game you can easily change it with our server game switching tool.

All of GTXGaming game servers are hosted on SSD hard drives for ultra-fast loading times. SSDs are known to have extremely high I/O.

We have server locations all over the world, but if you would like a specific location added please contact us.

We never charge for Debranding on any of our game servers, dedicated servers or Teamspeaks.

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TrustPilot rating 9.3 из 10
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    I'm very happy with the service I get from GTX, so no complaints from me.

    I've been using GTX for a few years now for our gaming server, team-speak and website, and recently started using them for my business website as well, customer support for the most part is very good, they are always happy to help where they can, reliability is very good and when there does happen to be an issue at the data-center they get straight on it. generally I'm very happy with the service I get from them, so yep no complaints from me.
  • user icon
    From the get go i knew gtxgaming would…

    From the get go i knew gtxgaming would be better than my previous hosting service. Support is spot on and my ticket was answered within 3 minutes. 10/10 for configurability. 10/10 support
  • user icon
    The server is so easy to create And set…

    The server is so easy to create And set up, i had to ask the support a few times, but they answered quick, And that i could get what they mean. Definetly 5 stars