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Website languages:

  • English

Server location of game hosting:

  • Canada
  • France
  • Denmark

Payment cycle:

3,6,12 months

  • Minecraft

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Stunning Support

PebbleHost is leading in our High Quality Support with average response times under 5 minutes through our Discord Support system.


Amazing Uptime

PebbleHost boasts an amazing 99.99% average uptime, Most hosts make these claims without actually backing them up, Not us! You can monitor all of our nodes uptime on our status page.


Instant Setup

Worried you'll be stuck waiting all day for your server? All of our Minecraft and Web servers are instantly setup to make sure you can get started in no time!


Great Prices

PebbleHost offers Affordable Prices for Amazing Hardware, our prices simply cannot be beaten for quality and support.


Highly Rated

PebbleHost is the highest rated host under $5/GB Scoring 9.2/10 passing all other competition, This allows you to rest assured your server is in good hands.


Node Stats

At PebbleHost we are transparent with our node stats so you can guarantee a quality server not being oversold, We allow anyone to check these stats live on our status page.

Last reviews about PebbleHost:

TrustPilot rating 4.6 / 5
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    The best server host ever!

    This is the best and i mean the absolute best server hosting company EVER! I love it. Before this I used Server.Pro and it was too expensive and just was bad. I changed to this and am hosting a good no lag high tick premium server with 12 Gigs of ram. Its really good.
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    Support is A+ The staff are friendly…

    Support is A+ The staff are friendly and the host as a whole is amazing!
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    Cheap & Reliable hosting!
    This is one of the best & cheap hosts i have ever known!!
    The servers are lagg-free and always online!
    My small network 20-30 players/day has been hosted by this company for more then 2 Months now and i am NOT planning on moving to another host!
    The support is top notch and helps you with a big smile even if the problems are dumb mistakes you made yourself!10/10!

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