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Website languages:

  • English

Server location of game hosting:

  • United States IL Chicago
  • United States CA Los Angeles
  • United States TX Dallas
  • United States NY New York
  • United States GA Atlanta
  • Netherlands Amsterdam
  • Denmark Copenhagen
  • Finland Espoo
  • Germany Frankfurt
  • United Kingdom London
  • Russia Moscow
  • Norway Oslo
  • France Paris
  • Sweden Stockholm
  • Brazil Sao Paulo
  • Singapore Singapore
  • Japan Tokyo
  • Australia Sydney

Payment cycle:

1,3,6,12 months

Game servers offered by that hoster: $0.88 Ark Survival Evolved hosting at Fragnet $1.22 7 Days To Die hosting at Fragnet $0.17 Rust hosting at Fragnet $0.91 Arma 3 hosting at Fragnet $0.81 CS:GO hosting at Fragnet $0.68 Team Fortress 2 hosting at Fragnet $1 Valheim hosting at Fragnet

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24/7 Technical Support
We have staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide assistance. Our staff has vast experience from more than 50 different games.

Instant Setup
All Game Servers are setup instantly after payments are processed. The process starts right away and your service is online within the matter of a few minutes.

Location Switching
You can switch the geographical location of your game server.

State of the art hardware
All of our game servers are running on cutting edge Enterprise Hardware. We always make sure to run on top notch hardware as we constantly strive to replaced any outdated servers that don't meet our performance expectations.

Gaming Networks
By carefully picking networks with low latency and high quality Internet bandwidth - we have the best possible foundation to host fast and reliable game servers.

ClanPay Group Pay
Easily have members donate directly to your account. We provide the tool to help you with sharing the expenses of gaming services.

Free Voice Server
All Game Servers, excluding Minecraft, include a free 10 slot (Mumble) voice server. Additional slots can be purchased.

24/7 Monitoring
We monitor all our hardware and software 24/7. We make sure our systems are running optimal, to ensure the best possible gaming experience.

Easy to use control panel
Stop/Start your server with one click. Install the most popular mods with one click. Full FTP Access to your server. Reinstall your server any time you want with a single click.

Last reviews about Fragnet:

TrustPilot rating 4.6 / 5
  • user icon
    had some difficulties with a server, and due to unforseen circumstance, had to cancel the server. staff was verry courteous and professional, and i recieved a refund with verry little hassle. i will be atempting to use them in the future for our ARK binge servers!
  • user icon
    so i rented a game server for hong kong,but the sales website wasnt updated and so my server hasnt been setup at all.I sent a support ticket and they replied quickly and answered some of my questions nicely too,in the end i asked for a full refund and they gave me one despite their terms of service so i am happy with them

    would rent a hong kong server from them if i need one in the future
  • user icon
    Just found out Fragnet has trustpilot and after seeing the negative reviews I felt like something is wrong.. I have a Battlefield 4 60Hz server with them in Germany (closest I could find to where I live in Greece) and the ping is really the lowest I have seen to Germany (40-45ms).

    Support was helpful enough with the initial configuration of the server and also got me a procon layer setup with some plug-ins.
    No complains so far (been using for a month now).

    I will keep the review updated in case anything changes!

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